What can Happy Goats do for me?

Read on to explore our FAQs and practical examples on the impact Happy Goats can have for you or your customers, and how it creates value for farms.

What is Happy Goats?

Happy Goats is an web app which supports decision making for the more efficient management of sheep and goat farms. Happy Goats offers a complete toolkit to assist farmers, veterinarians & consultants, cooperatives and other industries (e.g. dairies) to optimise for productivity and farm profitability sustainably.

How are decisions supported?

Happy Goats is based on a forecasting model which allows app users to simulate (create and assess) different future management scenarios and interpret their profitability results with the help of advice in plain language. This gives farm planners added security when planning either the management of the farm for the coming season or associated production resources.

How does this model work?

The Happy Goats model evaluates all key farm parameters, such as: flock size, milk production goals, selling prices for milk and other products, purchase prices / costs for feed and other materials, working hours, feed management for different categories / groupings of animals according to their needs in energy and protein, grazing and much more. The app then visualizes the impact of your choices on each management scenario with charts, tables and intelligent commentary, to make optimization easier.

Some examples of use

- Scenario for calculating, in the new farm management season, the reduction of the flock in relation to non-productive animals while external factors impose a reduced average milk selling price and increased average feeds cost.

- Management scenario / business plan for the next three years, based on optimistic, medium and pessimistic market conditions.

- Scenario for intensification or extensification of the existing breeding system.

- Scenarios for different feed management and grazing availability.

- Use by veterinarians or farm consultants in their farms under regular management, to support and validate their advice based on printable and sharable reporting.

Are multiple farms supported?

Yes, Happy Goats is designed to support multiple farms in parallel, as is usually the case with veterinarians and consultants, producer groups, cooperatives, big dairies and local dairy / milk zones. For these types of users we can provide special white-labeling services for them to publish and share farm scenarios reporting with partners.

Do you support tracking day-to-day farm performance, breeding monitoring or accounting for past performance?

Happy Goats is not based on an accounting/performance-tracking approach but on a forecasting model. Therefore, you will not use Happy Goats to track animal performance, breeding, nutritional management, vaccinations and other management practices over time. Note that Happy Goats is not a tool that can replace your ERP or business management software. Instead, it complements it with innovative production forecasting and optimization capabilities, as well as simulating annualised what-if scenarios for management, which you can save, export, revisit or modify at any time.

Is individual recording of animal performance supported?

Happy Goats does not keep track of individual animals in the flock or their performance. Instead, it groups the animals into key groups according to their nutritional needs, in order to minimize the time required to enter the required data to evaulate a complete scenario.


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